Jewish Heritage Europe

Tourism & Genealogy

Most Jewish heritage travel in Moldova is likely linked to researching family history, so we are combining the categories. Some tourism professionals offer itineraries that include Romania and Moldova. Bessarabia Special Interest Group (SIG)

A JewishGen group created for people with Jewish roots in the region historically known as Bessarabia, an area now comprising the Moldova Republic and parts of Ukraine. There are links to many resources, photographs, databases, travel narratives, etc

An extensive genealogy site in Russian and English, with many links and resources.

Irina Shikhova

Jewish heritage scholar and guide who provides Jewish heritage tours in Chisinau and elsewhere in Moldova. She is associated with the Jewish museum and other institutions.

See her Facebook page

Solei Turism Ltd.


A Chisinau-based tour organisations that offers extensive Jewish heritage itineraries.