Jewish Heritage Europe

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Bibliography of Material about Jews in Romania and Moldova in the British Library


Geissbühler, Simon. Like Shells on a Shore: Synagogues and Jewish Cemeteries of Northern Moldavia. Bern: Projekt 36, 2010

Goberman, David. Jewish Tombstones in Ukraine and Moldavia. Moscow: Image Publishing House, 1993

Goberman, David. Carved Memories: Heritage in Stone from the Russian Jewish Pale. NY: Rizzoli, 2000

This book has material on several towns in Moldova.

Goldshmidt, Efim; Igor Teper; Michael Finckel. History in Stone: Monuments of the Jewish Material Culture in Moldova (XVII-XXI centuries). (Chisinau, 2007)

Kogan, Yefim A. Jewish Cemeteries in Bessarabia and Moldova: History, Current state, Indexing, Photographing

Article by the Bessarabia SIG leader and Coordinator, July 2014

U.S. Commission Survey of Jewish Heritage Sites and Monuments

Comprehensive downloadable inventory of Jewish heritage sites all over the country; synagogues, cemeteries, Holocaust sites, etc. Also historical background. Published in 2010.

Weiner, Miriam. Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova: Pages from the Past and Archival Inventories. Routes to Roots, 1999