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JewishGen Bessarabia/Moldova Special Interest Group

Very important source of information on Jewish history and heritage in Moldova. There are particularly rich resources for Jewish Cemeteries, which are being constantly photographed and indexed, with information uploaded to the SIG web site at the JOWBR.


JewishGen Online Burial Registry – JOWBR

The JOWBR Searchable Database includes a number of Jewish cemeteries in Moldova (you need to register and login to access these resrouces):

  • Country: Moldova (13 cemeteries, 20358 burials)
    • Region: Bessarabia (11 cemeteries, 17654 burials)
      • City: Bălţi (1 cemetery, 1210 burials) (data online 13 January 2013)
      • City: Bender (1 cemetery, 5982 burials)
      • City: Briceni (1 cemetery, 286 burials) (data online 13 December 2013)
      • City: Călăraşi (1 cemetery, 503 burials) (data online 19 December 2010)
      • City: Cimişlia (1 cemetery, 131 burials) (data online 14 June 2014)
      • City: Edinet (Yedintsy) (1 cemetery, 423 burials) (data online 1 May 2006)
      • City: Lipcani (1 cemetery, 118 burials)
      • City: Orhei (1 cemetery, 4278 burials)
      • City: Soroca (2 cemeteries, 3812 burials)
      • City: Teleneşti (1 cemetery, 911 burials) (data online 1 May 2006)
    • Region: Kherson (2 cemeteries, 2704 burials)
      • City: Dubăsari (1 cemetery, 235 burials)
      • City: Tiraspol (1 cemetery, 2469 burials) (data online 11 December 2011)

Jewish Memory Moldova

Web site on Jewish history and heritage in Moldava, with pictures and information on a number of synagogue buildings, Jewish cemeteries, Holocaust memorials in towns and cities around the country: Beltsy, Bendery,  Briciani, Calarash, Chisinau, Cimishlia, Dubossary, Gershunovca, Lipcani, Nisporeni, Orhei, Otaci, PapeniRashkov, Rybnitsa,  Soroca, Zguritsa


U.S. Commission Survey of Jewish Heritage Sites and Monuments

Comprehensive inventory of Jewish heritage sites all over the country; synagogues, cemeteries, Holocaust sites, etc. This represents the most complete known inventory of Jewish heritage sites in Moldova.


Video documentary on Jewish cemeteries in Moldova:





You can find information on most Jewish heritage sites in Moldova through the general links listed above. Here below, as on other country pages, we provide information on individual Jewish heritage sites  that have their own web sites or other web resources. 


CHISINAU (Kishinev)


Jewish Cemeteries

Doyna Cemetery

189 Doyna Street
MD 2001 Chisinau
Republic of Moldova

JewishGen PDF pages on  Doyna cemetery, with map and other information


TIRASPOL (in Transnistria)

Jewish Cemetery

JewishGen comprehensive report on the Jewish cemetery — PDF