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Service for the Memory of the Second World War

Ancienne Gare de Hollerich 
3A, rue de la Déportation
L-1415 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 (0) 247 88191
Fax: +352 (0) 248 73043

A center, with a web site that brings together links and information on a number of museums, memorials, trails, and other resources dedicated to the memory of World War II.

It is located at the former Hollerich station, from which local Jews and others were deported to labor and concentration camps.

The complex includes a small Deportation Memorial and Museum. (Email:

Le Musee National de la Resistance (National Museum of the Resistance)

Place de la Résistance
BP145 4041

This museum-cum-memorial commemorates the resistance to the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg and includes information on the fate of the country’s Jews.

Several other regional or local museums in Luxembourg are devoted to World War II resistance and forced labor.

A Holocaust Memorial near the Funfbrunnen (Cinqfontaines) Monastery near Troisvierges  in northern Luxembourg commemorates the site from which about 700 Jews were deported. After the Nazi invasion of 10 May 1940, Jews were taken here and held in the monastery. The site was called a ‘retirement’ or ‘old age home’ (Jüdische Altersheim), but in reality was a concentration camp where Jews were held until deportation further east. See PHOTO.