Jewish Heritage Europe

Communal Contacts

Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI)

The  web site of the official umbrella organization of Italian Jewry

Moked Italian Jewish Portal

An information web site run by the official umbrella organization of Italian Jewry. It has an interactive map page with links to the websites of established Jewish communities around the country.

Chabad has centers in Rome, Milan, Trieste, Bologna, and Venice.

Reform Congregations affiliated with the European Union of Progressive Judaism operate in Milan, Rome and Florence.

An independent pluralistic Jewish congregation, Ner Tamid del Sud, operates in Calabria, founded by an American rabbi, Barbara Aiello.

Its focus is on helping anusim, or descendants of Jews forced to convert to Catholicism 500 years ago, return to Judaism. See 360 Degree view and other photos of the synagogue/study center

Jewish Community of Bologna

Jewish Community of Meran/Merano

Jewish Community of Naples

Jewish Community of Pisa

Jewish Community of Rome

Jewish Community of Torino

Jewish Community of Trieste

Jewish Community of Venice