Jewish Heritage Europe

Publications & Sources

There is a vast literature (in English as well as German) on Jewish culture, history, architecture and heritage in Germany.

Most of these publications can be found listed on several extensive online bibliographies. Rather than duplicate these lists here, we suggest that you browse them directly.

Bibliographies include:

Bibliography of the Central Council of Jews in Germany

Arranged by category — mainly in German.

Judaica Portal Berlin-Brandenburg

Links to access to Jewish holdings in eight libraries/archives in Germany.

Topography of Terror Library with Searchable Catalogue

For general information and touring, see:

Germany for the Jewish Traveler

Downloadable PDF Guide put out by the station travel board and covering 64 towns and cities. You can also access it your browser HERE

Barkan, Leonard. Berlin for Jews: a 21st Century Companion. Chicago University Press, 2016.