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Czech 10 Stars Project: Nová Cerekev

The synagogue in the large village/small town of Nová Cerekev, in south-central Czech Republic, was built in the mid-19th century in place of an earlier synagogue; with its towering facade flanked by two small towers, it dominates the surroundings.  Inside, the main part of the building is divided by four pillars into three naves, the main broad and two narrow side ones with a gallery consisting of two floors. At the eastern part of the central nave there are remnants of a wooden Ark (Aron Hakodesh), topped by an unusually tall and narrow arched recess. 

The theme of the permanent exhibition is “Synagogue Architecture in the Czech Lands.”

The historic Jewish cemetery is a few steps away, surrounded by a gated wall (staff at the synagogue will call the caretaker with the key). The cemetery is actually two connected cemeteries, the Old Cemetery dating from the 17th century, and the New Cemetery dating from the 19th century.

Click here to see photos of the synagogue before restoration

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