Jewish Heritage Europe

Czech 10 Stars project: Jičín

The Jičín Synagogue at the former Jewish School, with permanent exhibit on Jewish Writers in the Czech Lands. 

The synagogue was completed in 1773 and was repaired and remodeled in 1840 after a fire severely damaged the building. It already underwent renovation from 2001-2008 and has housed an exhibit.

The 19th century school building was purchased by the local Jewish community in 1872. It housed a Jewish school, prayer room and meeting rooms. The 10 Stars restoration refurbished original fittings and wall decoration.

The main part of the permanent exhibit is housed in the school. On Jewish writers in the Czech lands, it takes note of about 200 authors, journalists, playwrights and critics writing in Czech and German. The theme for this “Star” site  was chosen in large part because Jičín was the birthplace of the caustic critic Karl Kraus; one room in the exhibit recreates his study.