Jewish Heritage Europe

Tourism & Genealogy


JewishGen France Special Interest Group (SIG)

A one-stop shop for links and resources regarding family history research in France and other French-speaking countries.

Le Cercle de Généalogie Juive (CGJ)

Founded in 1984, the first Jewish Genealogy Society in France. The web site has lots of links and resources.

France GenWeb

Massive portal to general genealogy research in France (Jewish and non)


Jewish Travel in France

Comprehensive on-line guide by editor and contributor Toni Kamins that encompasses Jewish heritage sites and attractions as well as practical information. There are also MP3 podcasts and other resources. The guide is arranged by region, and has information on heritage sites as well as practical info on kosher restaurants, Jewish communal life, and more.

Journées Européennes de la Culture et du Patrimoine Juifs en France

Web site of an association that groups towns and institutions aimed at preserving and promoting Jewish heritage. A member of the AEPJ, it anchors the annual European Days of Jewish Culture and provides many resources — including an interactive map of more than 200 Jewish heritage sites around the country.

Szlakmann, Charles. Le Patrimoine Juif en France: Synagogues, Musées et Lieux de Mémoire. Editions Ouest-France, 2013
A handy illustrated  paperback guidebook.


European Jewish Tours

5 bis, rue Kepler
75116 Paris
Tel: +33 1 45 77 01 63

Paris-based Jewish-interest tour company, run by Rachel Kaplan. The web site lists a number of targeted Jewish-themed tours in Paris and elsewhere in France (as well as elsewhere in Europe).

Valiske Cultural Jewish Tours

France-based association that organizes Jewish cultural heritage trips in Europe and around the world for its 4,000 members. Participants must be members of the association.