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Monograph on Jewish cemetery in Jaworzno, Poland

A new book on the Jewish cemetery in Jaworzno, Poland has been publshed, reports Virtual Shtetl. The authors are Leszek Hońdo, Dariusz Rozmus and Sławomir Witkowski, who carried out an inventory of the cemetery.

The book comprises two parts. The first one presented a short historical outline about the history of Jaworzno and Szczakowa Jewish communities which ends upon the extermination of the Jews during the Nazi occupation. The second and central part includes the catalogue of gravestones and the cemetery plan. Presented catalogues include grave numbers, full names of the deceased and their fathers (in case of women also the name of the husband is provided), pictures of tombstones, copies of grave inscriptions, translations thereof with relevant explanations, a detailed description of tombstones, including their artistic facet.

The inventory of the cemetery and the publication of the book have been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Municipal Museum in Jaworzno (Muzeum Miejskie w Jaworznie).