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Looking for old photographs of Gliwice, PL, Jewish cemetery mortuary

Ceremonial Hall, Gliwice. Photo by Wojciech Turkowski/Gliwice Museum

The Municipal Museum in Gliwice, Poland is seeking old photographs of the Ceremonial Hall of the Jewish cemetery there. The neo-Gothic red-brick building  is under development as a branch of the museum that will house a permanent exhibition on Jewish history in Upper Silesia.

They are interested in photos from before 1990, in particular those showing the interior of the built and made at “a funeral or other moments associated with the operation of funeral home.”

The opening of the refurbished building and new permanent exhibit is scheduled for the first half of 2015.

Anyone who has photographs is asked to contact Bozena Kubit, at the Gliwice Museum.

Telephone: +48 665 280 024


Interior concept, by Sebastian Kucharuk, Natalia Romik, Piotr Jakoweńko/Gliwice Museum

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