JHE has several purposes aimed at a variety of interests and users. The public news feed is updated on a regular and timely basis with links and articles including news, information and reports from around Europe. Readers of JHE may comment on the news feed posts — all comments will be monitored before being posted.

In addition, the JHE site includes a wealth of resources and information on Jewish heritage and monuments. Among other resources, there is a calendar with major events, exhibitions, conferences, Jewish culture festivals and the like. We do not intend to duplicate material that is already on the Web, so many of our resources are links to other web sites and databases. While we do not organize tourism or carry out genealogy work, the general public will be able to find resources and information that can aid travel to Jewish heritage sites and also family history research.

JHE also includes original content, such as commissioned articles and commentaries on specific heritage sites, issues, procedures and strategies.

As the site grows, we will be welcoming input from users. We will hope to encourage discussion about strategic issues and exchanges of expertise and also put interested parties in touch with each other.

We will post information and advice on what concerned individuals, institutions and organizations can do about preserving, protecting and promoting Jewish heritage, and about bringing potential preservation projects to the attention of funding sources, sponsors, experts and others involved in the field.