JHE’s primary goals are to promote the identification, description, study, protection, preservation and appropriate use of Jewish monuments and heritage sites in situ and to foster an exchange of news, information, and expertise regarding these places and this process among a growing network of individuals, institutions and organizations.

A key feature of the web site is the news feed, which is updated on a regular basis with a variety of material.

As the site grows, we will post more and more information and links about where to turn for project funding, how to ask an expert about preservation and other problematic issues, and how to get involved with the preservation process on an individual, grass roots or institutional basis, how to integrate Jewish heritage into education and tourism, and the like.

The site also features an expanding database of resources and links – including bibliographic material, lists of sites, photo galleries, and links to web sites that focus on Jewish heritage sites and issues.

JHE also will include commissioned articles and book reviews by experts, as well as “In Focus” features on historical developments as well as specific sites, issues, projects, personalities, expertise, dilemmas, and experience.