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  1. Jewish walking tour in Danzig Zürich –Gdansk (Poland)

    I know that many tourists visiting POland are interested in its Jewish history.
    If you know of anyone searching for information or planning to visit the former Freiestadt Danzig:

    Private walking tour in Danzig – 3 hours
    Already in 15th century the first Jews frequently visited Gdansk and “Jewish Lane” existed on the bank of the Motlawa River.
    They traded in grain and timber, were engaged in the liberal professions, employed in crafts. You will also learn about this population in the Free City of Gdansk, Polish Jews and Jewish emigres from Soviet Union visiting Sopot as a popular sea resort in the mid-war period, about their emigration to the US, Argentine or Palestine, about 4 Kindertransporten, two synagogues burnt down and two others demolished, houses and shops looted on the Crystal Night and the saddest episode in the Nazi Times – the Jewish ghetto, deportations to Warsaw ghetto, Lodz ghetto and Stutthof Nazi Concentration Camp.

    You will hear about their post-war history and revival of Jewish life.

    Learn about Lesser Gieldzinski collection of #Danziger #Judaica sent to the Jewish Museum in New York.
    The itinerary includes different places associated with Gdansk Jews, some of them destroyed by the storms of history, disasters and war. The places where Jews lived and died in Gdansk for ages and made this City flurishing and prospering.

    Though both the Great Synagogue and Sopot Synagogue were destroyed and thousands of Jews were forced to emigrate in 1938-39, there are still some Jewish remnants: a New Synagogue, two old cemetaries, the sites of former Jewish hotels, houses, theatre, businesses, sports clubs and much more.

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  2. I am looking for additional information’s for many synagogues from my old postcards collection.
    For noncommercial purpose you can as me for copy.

  3. I would like to understand whether or not your organization deals with rehabilitation of synagogues in Albania.

    Thank you

    • We do not physically deal with rehabilitation of buildings in any country, but we are a clearing house for information and news about all issues dealing with Jewish built heritage. Sometimes we help people and institutions network and get in touch.

  4. Hello Erik,
    My father was a friend of your grandfather. When we arrived in New York in 1951, we stayed with him and his family before heading to California. I have a couple of his paintings, I can look for any letters. Unfortunately I don’t think I can help you with his past. We were in Portugal before emigrating here. My father was in Paris before that, and in Berlin before that. I’m not sure where their friendship began.

  5. Hello,
    My grandfather, BM Herko, was a fairly well known Jewish artist and student of Kathe Kollowitz in Berlin before WWII. He left Germany and eventually settled in New York. I have been contacted by various people about my Grandfather but I have little knowledge about his career in Europe. I know he was an apprentice of Kathe Kollowitz. Please help me find information on my Grandfather. I have provided a link to some of his works.
    Thank You.
    Erik Berman

  6. Jewish walking tour in Zürich – Switzerland
    Good afternoon

    I know that many tourists visiting Zürich are interested in its Jewish history.
    If you know of anyone searching for information:

    Private walking tour in the Old Town of Zürich – time 2 hours

    Jews have been living in Zürich since 1150. This guided walking tour
    is a rewarding journey of discovery for both visitors and locals.
    Come face to face with Zürich’s past through a selection of houses where
    Jews lived and their fate. You will be fascinated by the rich testimonies
    to bygone days, an experience that will take you back in time.

    Highlights of the tour:

    One of the oldest mural paintings (1300) in Europe discovered in a jewish house.
    Trapdoor under the Lindenhof
    Middle Ages sewer in the Altstadt.
    Cistern dated 1300 in a shop

    For info 076 562 26 48 Ester
    Thank you

  7. Our Havurah in Sun City,Oro Valley,AZ is holding a luncheon in early January 2013,with
    a theme “Lands of Our Ancestors” We are virtually all of Askenazi descent.

    I am aware that tis is rather short notice. However I was just given the task to obtain the display material..We would appreciate any such material that would be availabel to us. . depicting Jewish life in Europe fro 1890-1930
    Irwin Brewster
    Display Coordinator
    14491 Trail
    Oro Valley,AZ 85755-6685

  8. I’m looking for a Jewish themed but not religious Central or Eastern European tour for my husband, myself, and two grown children (ages 26 and 28) to give us a better sense of our Jewish heritage and ancestry. Are there any tour groups you would highly recommend? Thank you!

    • I live in Jerusalem and go to Krakow each summer.
      When do you want to tour
      There is a very good tourism office in Kazimierz the Jewish district of Krakow called
      Yarden spelt Jarden
      They are ideal for Poland and nearby countries in- Eastern Europe.
      I suggest that you contact them.
      I can also recommend others write to me at email above.

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