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Danish Jewish Museum

The Royal Library Garden
Proviantpassagen 6
DK-1218 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 33 112218
Fax: +45 33 112290

The Museum’s building was designed by Daniel Libeskind and opened to the public in June 2004. Its design won an award from the Copenhagen Cultural Foundation. Libeskind’s design rests on five concepts, corresponding to the five themes of the exhibition itself: Exodus /Arrival; Wilderness/Standpoints; the Giving of the Law/Traditions; Promised Lands; Mitzvah.

The Royal Library Judaica Collection

Orientalia and Judaica Collections
The Royal Library, P. O. B. 2149
DK-1016 Copenhagen K, Denmark 

Curator: Eva-Maria Jansson
Phone +45 33 474-885
Fax +45 33 932-218

An extensive Judaica collection,  including more than 36,000 books,  manuscripts and incunabulae in Hebrew, Yiddish and other languages. The core of the collection is the private library and personal archives of the the former Chief Rabbi, David Simonsen (1853-1932), which were acquired by the Royal Library in 1932. They amount to more than 25,000 volumes and other material, including rare manuscripts.

There are also other collections including material on Jewish culture and history.

Museum of Danish Resistance 1940-1945

1263 København K.
Tel: +4533 473921

The many exhibits in this museum document the Danish fight for freedom in 1940-45, including sections devoted to the rescue of Danish Jews. A tank used by the resistance sits at the entrance to the museum with the words ‘Frit Denmark’ (‘Free Denmark’) painted on it. Exhibition cases 40-42 cover the 1943 rescue of Danish Jews. Other items include plaques and letters from Jewish communities all over the world, expressing gratitude for this  operation, in which many Danish Jews reached Sweden.

NOTE: The museum is currently closed due to a fire in April 2013 that led to the demolition of the building.  All museum exhibits and archives were saved, and a new building is planned to report at the end of 2019.

The Archives remain open.




The Fredericia Town Museum has a section on Jewish history

Jernbanegade 10
7000 Fredericia
Tel.: +45 72106980