Jewish Heritage Europe

Museums, Memorials & Cultural Insitutions

There are a number of institutions dealing with Jewish culture and heritage. In addition to the ones listed here, there are small permanent exhibitions of Judaica or on Jewish heritage and history installed in some of the more than synagogue buildings in the country that have undergone restoration. Many of these are listed on our Heritage and Heritage Sites page for Czechia — or can be accessed via the general and regional links provided.

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Prague Jewish Museum (Židovské muzeum v Praze)

U Staré Školy 1
CZ-11001 Prague
Tel: +420-222 749 211
Fax: +420 222 749 300

The collections of the Jewish Museum are displayed in four historic synagogues – the Meisel synagogue, the Klausen synagogue, the Pinkas synagogue (now also a Holocaust Memorial) and the Spanish synagogue – as well as in the ceremonial hall of the Old Jewish Cemetery, which also forms part of the Museum.

Jewish Family History Center, Prague

A center for archival research in the regions of Bohemia, Moravia, and Austria, with numerous online resources, including a Bibliography of publications (mainly) in Czech.

“City of K” Franz Kafka Museum

Hergetova cihelna
Cihelná 2, Prague 1

National Academy of Sciences (Library)

There is an extensive collection of books relating to Jewish history and topics, with a searchable catalogue.

Charles University — Jewish Studies Program

Jindřišska 27, 4th floor
110 00 Praha 1
Tel: +42 (0) 221 619 802
Fax: +42 (0) 221 619 382

European Shoah Legacy Institute

A public benefit corporation set up by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs in  2010 as a follow-up to the Terezin Declaration endorsed by representatives of 47 states, who met in June 2009 in Prague and Terezin at the Holocaust Era Assets Conference organized by the Czech Presidency of the European Union Council. Its role was  to seek – in cooperation with governments, non-governmental organizations and independent experts – systemic solutions on an international level leading to restitution of immovable property, art, Judaica and Jewish cultural assets stolen by the Nazis; provision of adequate social welfare to Holocaust (Shoah) survivors and other victims of Nazism; and promotion of Holocaust education, research and remembrance. Its operation finished in 2017, but the web site still has many reports, files, and resources.


The 10 Stars Network forms a “nationwide Jewish museum” — consisting of restored synagogues and Jewish buildings in 10 towns around the country, each with a mono-thematic exhibition.

In addition, there are separate regional or local Jewish or Jewish-themed museums and exhibitions in several other towns and cities.


10 Stars Permanent Exhibit on Old Jewish Quarters and Ghettos

Located in the synagogue and the former Jewish municipal house/school


10 Stars Exhibition on “The Roots of Judaism: Rabbinical Literature and Scholarship”

Located in the restored synagogue


Town Museum  (Synagogue)

u Tržiště street
Tel.: +420 519 323 050

Housed in a Synagogue designed by Max Fleischer and built in 1868  that is listed as a cultural monument, the Museum has a permanent exhibition on local Jewish history.


10 Stars Exhibition on Jewish Learning in the Czech Lands

Housed in the restored synagogue


“Mountain Synagogue” Jewish Museum

Hartmanice 342 01
Tel: +420/376 383 107

Permanent exhibition in reconstructed synagogue on German-Jewish-Czech coexistence in the Sumava region


Jews of Moravia Museum

Příční ulice, 769 01 Holešov, Czechia
Tel: +420 603 796 411

Located in the “Schach” synagogue built in around 1560 and later named for Rabbi Shabtai ben Meir Kohen, known as Schach, a noted scholar who served as rabbi here from 1648 to 1663. Opened to the public in the mid-1960s, it was one of the few synagogues fully restored in the communist period. It conserves the interior fittings, furnishings (including a central bimah with elaborate iron grille) and wall paintings dating from the 1730s.

Facebook Page

Holešov town web site information about Jewish sites

Czech Tourism web site about the Jewish sites


Jičín 10 Stars  exhibit — Jewish writers in the Czech Lands

Exhibit in the restored synagogue and Jewish school.

Basevi Civic Association (in Czech)

Fügnerova 193
506 01 Jičín
Tel: +420 724 029 359

Extensive Information on Jewish sites in Jicin and nearby towns, as well as information on cultural events.


Gustav Mahler’s House

Znojemská 4
586 01 Jihlava
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 565 591 849

Boyhood home of the great composer and conductor, who grew up in Jihlava, with an exhibition about his early life and Jews in Jihlava.


10 Stars Exhibition on “Jewish Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors”

Located in the restored synagogue


10 Stars Permanent Exhibit on “Rabbi Löw and Jewish Learning in Moravia”

Located in the Upper Synagogue. There is also an exhibition in the Ceremonial Hall of the Jewish Cemetery.


10 Stars Exhibition on Synagogue Architecture in the Czech Lands

Located in the renovated synagogue.


Kurt and Ursula Schubert Center for Jewish Studies (Centrum judaistických studií Kurta a Ursuly Schubertových)

Tř. Svobody 26
CZ – 772 00 Olomouc
Tel. +420 585 633 203

Founded in 2004, the Institute is devoted to researching and teaching the culture and history of Jews, with a special emphasis on Moravian Jewry. It is the first secular institution that offers a full-fledged graduate program in Jewish Studies in the Czech Republic.


10 Stars Exhibition on Jewish Tradition and Customs

Located in the renovated Old Synagogue


10 Stars Permanent Exhibit on Anti-Semitism

Karlovo náměstí 540
58813 Polná

Located in the synagogue and rabbi’s house in the heart of the ghetto, the museum exhibit on local Jewish history and the 1899 “Hilsner Case” blood libel, as well as anti-Semitism in general


Regional Jewish Museum

Palackého 602
516 01 Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Located in the 18th Century Synagogue, which was restored and transformed in the mid-1990s as the first post-Communist major Jewish heritage restoration project of the Czech Jewish community. The museum also serves as a memorial to the local Jewish writer Karel Poláček.


Terezin Memorial

Web portal to the Memorial/Monument of the Terezin (Theresienstadt) ghetto/concentration camp, located about 50 km north of Prague, with history, databases, and other information.

Principova alej 304 411 55
Terezín Tel: +420-416782225
GPS: 50°30’47.73″N; 14°9’32.74″E


10 Stars exhibition on Jewish Schools in the Czech Lands

Located in the restored synagogue and the Jewish school next door.