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Many projects are under way to protect, preserve and restore Jewish cemeteries across Europe. They are being carried out by Jewish communities and Jewish museums, as well as NGOs, private individuals, and others. Here are links to some of these projects and the organizations that carry them out.

(You can find further local links in the individual country-by-country pages of JHE.)

Please let us know of other organizations, initiatives, and specific projects!


European Jewish Cemetery Initiative

Fences cemeteries; carries out other work


The Prague Jewish Museum, the Federation of Jewish Communities, and the Jewish Communities in Prague and Brno have been carrying out documentation preservation and restoration projects in Jewish cemeteries for many years.

Some specific projects:

Digitization of Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

A complex project begun in 2003.

Click to access a report on the documentation process by Daniel Polakovic, detailing work carried out as of 2006


Maceva Litvak Jewish Cemetery Catalogue

Documentation; preservation



Database, photographs and other material on Jewish cemeteries and other Jewish heritage sites in scores of towns, cities and villages, primarily in eastern Poland.

Foundation for the Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland — Database of Jewish Cemeteries in Warsaw and the Mazovia Region of Poland

 Database including transcriptions of inscriptions and photographs of gravestones in scores of Jewish cemeteries in Poland

Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland (FODZ)

Fencing; documentation; preservation in much of Poland.


Comprehensive web site documenting Jewish cemeteries in Poland, with lots of pictures

A Baptist Christian foundation that sponsors restoration and clean up work in Jewish cemeteries in Poland.

Jewish Cemeteries in the Podlasie region

Clickable descriptive list of dozens of Jewish cemeteries, some with pictures, put together by Dariusz Stankiewicz

Poland Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project 

 Founded in 2001 with the restoration of the Ozarow cemetery

Virtual Shtetl portal

Extensive online documentation for Poland and parts of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. News and historical information. A project of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

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  1. Rohatyn Jewish Heritage is a volunteer-led program of heritage preservation and education, working to re-connect the history of Rohatyn’s now-lost Jewish community with the people and places of the modern town. With the cooperation of current Rohatyn residents and volunteers from around the world, today the program focuses primarily on recovery of Jewish headstone fragments discovered in town and their return to the old Jewish cemetery. Future plans include a cleanup and rehabilitation of the old cemetery, a modest memorial space for recovered headstone fragments, and the development of educational materials to support a renewed appreciation of the intertwined communities which once lived in Rohatyn. Characteristic of prewar Galicia, and not unlike Lviv, Rohatyn was politically, culturally, religiously, and ethnically diverse before the war. We hope to help build bridges between these separated communities.

    Our website:

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