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Video: Jewish Cemeteries Session, 2013 Conference on Managing Jewish Immovable Heritage

The Managing Jewish Immovable Heritage conference, held in Krakow in April 2013, featured a lively session on Jewish cemeteries. The speakers, their topics — and the discussion — illustrated a wide range of issues and concerns.

Presentations by individual panelists can be accessed through time of talk:

  • Chair: Rabbi Michael Schudrich (Chief Rabbi of Poland)
  • 01:35 Prof. Jonathan Webber (Jagiellonian University): The aesthetics of restoring a Jewish cemetery
  • 19:06 Tobias Rütenik: Cemetery documentation, the Weissensee project, Germany
  • 36:44 Ruta Anulyte: Maceva project (Lithuania) Grassroots NGO, also connected with the Jewish community, dealing with preservation and cemetery clean-up.
  • 52:19 Abraham Ginsberg: CPJCE Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe
  • 71:40 Jasna Ciric (Jewish community Nis, Serbia) – Nis Jewish cemetery – new challenges, even after apparent success