Jewish Heritage Europe

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Jewish Museum of History

Ekzarh Joseph 16
1000 Sofia
Tel: + 359 (0) 2 983 14 40

Located in Sofia’s Central Synagogue complex, the museum opened in 1992, replacing an earlier museum/exhibit that operated there from 1968-1900 called “The Rescue of the Bulgarian Jews 1941-1944.” The current permanent exhibitions focus on Jewish history, communities and culture in Bulgaria as well as the Holocaust period and rescue of the Jews.



International Elias Canetti Society

Ploshtad Svoboda 4, POB 499
7000 Ruse, Bulgaria
Tel/Fax: +359 (0) 82 828 699

Founded in 1992 in Ruse, the birthplace of the Nobel Prize-winning writer Elias Canetti, the society is dedicated to researching Canetti’s work, promoting the European integration process and participating in rebuilding civil societal structures in post-communist Bulgaria. In 2005 it founded the Elias Canetti Centre, which operates as a multi-faceted cultural center and houses an Austrian library.  The Society plans to establish an international arts, research and documentation center in the Elias Canetti House, built by the Canetti family in 1898 and used as their business premises, which is currently used for exhibitions and events..


Sarafska House Museum

Knyaz Al.Dondukov St 11
Tel: +359 72 260 301

The luxurious home of the wealthy Jewish Arie family, built in the 1860s and noted for its  furnishings and wooden fittings, including the elaborately carved ceilings. It is used as a museum and venue for cultural events and managed by the  “13 Centuries Bulgaria” National Endowment Fund.

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