Jewish Heritage Europe

Museums, Memorials & Cultural Institutions


Grodno Region Jewish History Museum (in the Choral Synagogue)

59 B.Troitskaya St
Tel- +375 (44) 7402243. + 375 (29) 7826114


Jewish History and Culture Museum of Belarus

28 V Khoruzhey Street
Minsk, 220 123, Belarus
Tel: +375 (0) 17 286 7933, 2867961
Email: jewish_museum@

Opened in 2002, the museum  possesses a collection of photographs, documents, films, and artifacts. It has a permanent exhibit and also mounts temporary exhibits and sponsored research projects on specific topics.

History Workshop (Holocaust exhibit/education)

Suhaja str. 25,
220004 Minsk
Tel./Fax: +375 (0) 17 380 37 17


Museum of Jewish Resistance in Novogrudok

ul. Grodnenskaya, 2
Novogrudok, Grodno, Belarus 231400
Tel: +375 1597 21470

Opened in 2007, the museum is a memorial exhibition devoted to the Jewish resistance in the area of Novogrudok during the Holocaust.  It is housed in one of the buildings of the vocational school # 193 which was used as a barracks for ghetto prisoners during the war. The memorial exhibition includes two rooms with the reconstructed barracks interior and an exhibition with the reconstructed tunnel entrance.


Marc Chagall Museum & Art Center

Home Museum
Pokrovskaia street, 11
Tel: +375 (0) 212 36 34 68

Opened in 1997, the museum is located in the house, built by Chagall’s father, where the artist spent his early years.

Marc Chagall Art Center
2 Putna street
Tel.: +375 (0) 212 36 03 87

Established in 1992, the center exhibits graphic works by Marc Chagall including the series of illustrations to Nikolay Gogol’s poem “Dead Souls” (1923-1925), the series of color lithographs from the Bible Series, made in 1956 and 1960, the cycle of color lithographs “The 12 Tribes of  Israel” (1960) and other works.