Romania: Alba Iulia Synagogue to be rededicated (and get QR signage)

The historic synagogue in Alba Iulia, Romania will be rededicated November 26 after restoration — new QR code signage will provide information for visitors. Completed in 1840, the synagogue stands at 2, Tudor Vladimirescu Street; it is believed to be … Continue reading

CZ: Database for Jewish Cemeteries in Southern Moravia

    The tourist information web site of the Jewish community of Brno, Czech Republic includes  databases, with maps, of more than 20 Jewish cemeteries in southern Moravia. The cemeteries are listed by information cards. Click on the card and … Continue reading

Download “Vanished World” 2018 Eastern Europe Jewish Heritage Calendar

As in the past, JHE friend photographer Christian Herrmann is giving a holiday gift:  a calendar based on his striking photographs of Jewish heritage sites in eastern Europe.   The 2018 calendar can be downloaded for free as a PDF, … Continue reading

Significant new books on synagogue architecture, art, restoration

  Several new books make important contributions to the study of synagogue history, art and architecture and provide insight on the ways disused synagogues have been neglected, restored and/or repurposed in recent decades. Two are monumental works focusing on synagogues … Continue reading

Gorizia/Nova Gorica: A unique transborder Jewish cemetery project; Italy and Slovenia

  The historic Jewish heritage sites of Gorizia, in northeastern Italy, comprise a rare example of local Jewish sites separated by an international border: the 18th century synagogue and former Jewish ghetto area are in one country, Italy …. and … Continue reading

Kristallnacht: Marking the anniversary with wonderful synagogues, 2017 edition

  By now it’s a JHE tradition. The night of November 9-10 marks the  79th anniversary of the so-called Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938, when the Nazis launched coordinated violent attacks on Jews, Jewish property and Jewish places of worship all … Continue reading

Poland: Special Report on 2017 restoration work in Białystok Jewish cemetery

    Prof. Heidi M. Szpek has written an illustrated special report for JHE on the work that was carried out last summer, 2017, in the Bagnówka Jewish cemetery in Białystok, Poland, as part of the long-term restoration of the … Continue reading