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Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine: preliminary report on field research 2016-2018

Jewish cemetery, Bolekhiv, Ukraine. One of the sites surveyed


A report — Jewish cemeteries of Ukraine: preliminary results of studies for 2016–2018 —  summarizes the size and status of dozens of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves in Ukraine.

The report, published on by the umbrella Vaad Association of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, summarizes the results of field research sponsored by the VAAD and  carried out by students during three summer research campaigns. The research entailed description of the sites and markers, as well as epigraphy.

The size and number of matzevot were determined, along with the dates of the burials and transcription of the epitaphs. The data for most sites is or will be entered into an electronic database and available to the public.

In the Sadagora Jewish cemetery, 2006. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber


In 2016, work was carried out at around 30 sites in the region around Chernivtsi.

In 2017,  two expeditions focused on the regions around Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil. Some 101 objects were surveyed in 52 settlements: 53 Jewish cemeteries and 48 mass grave sites.

In 2018, researched focused on several specific cemeteries:

Buchach Jewish cemetery, after documentation. Photo courtesy of: Jewish Galicia and Bukovina

Buchach, where the cemetery was cleaned and more than a thousand tombstones were described, the oldest of which dates from 1587. Research was carried out under the auspices of the Jewish Galicia and Bukovina project. Click to see our report on this action.

Burshtyn, on which cemetery a catalog is being prepared for publication. 

— A catalog was published for the (mainstream Jewish) cemetery in Halich (the catalog of the Karaite cemetery there was published in 2000).

Berezhany. Cataloging of the cemetery was carried out completely.

Click here to see the VAAD web site summary of specifics of the research in all areas (google translate works well)

Click to see our report on Buchach

Click to see documentation of Jewish cemeteries on the Jewish Galicia and Bukovina web site







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