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Greece: New book on Jewish inscriptions in Greece, from ancient times to 15th century

The Jewish Museum of Greece has recently published a book on Jewish and Hebrew inscriptions in Greece, from antiquity to the late middle ages.

Called  Corpus Inscriptionum Judaicarum Graeciae (CIJG): Corpus of Jewish and Hebrew Inscriptions from Mainland and Island Greece (late 4th c. BCE–15th century)it was edited by the museum’s director, Zanet Battinou, an archaeologist.

Research started on the collection in 1999, she writes in a Foreword.

The book — aimed at scholars as well as the general public — “gathers all the epigraphic material of Jewish interest or content located in the Greek geographical area.”

Each inscription is accompanied by a photograph and other descriptive information.

The Museum web site states:

The compilation of Jewish and Hebrew inscriptions is part of the research programs of the Jewish Museum of Greece, which focus on the recording, study and publication of tangible and intangible evidence of the archaeological and historical past of the Greek Jews […] Aimed at the general public as well as the specialist audience of archaeologists, historians, educators, academics and researchers, the publication serves the historical record and documentation of the long-standing presence, as well as the distribution of Jewish settlements in the Greek lands.

The Museum is planning digital publication of the material, as well as an exhibition based on it.

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