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Call for applicants: AEPJ Incubator Project for Jewish heritage routes

Do you want to promote local, regional, or national Jewish heritage tourism?

Our friends at the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ) are seeking institutions and associations interested in participating in the new AEPJ Incubator Project on forming Jewish heritage routes.

Signage for the Jewish heritage trail in Boskovice, Czech Republic

Many Jewish heritage routes already exist — on regional and national levels as well as in individual towns, cities, and even villages.

They range from large-scale initiatives such as the Slovak Jewish Heritage Route, the Czech 10 Stars, Red de Juderias in Spain, and Shtetl Routes in Poland/Ukraine/Belarus — to local initiatives such as the  Oshpitzin project in Oswiecim, the Białystok — Jewish Heritage Trail, the Jewish heritage trails in Boskovice and Mikulov, CZ, and many other signposted walks and itineraries.

Some of the routes are traced on maps and online, while others link actual physical places, using signage and other markers. There are also smartphone and tablet apps that allow visitors to follow Jewish heritage routes and itineraries. 

The AEPJ Incubator call is open to institutions that are already developing a Jewish Route, or for those who want to develop one from scratch.

The call states:

The AEPJ Incubator Project aims to develop the European Route of Jewish Heritage, within the framework of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

The projects approved by the scientific committee will form the European Route of Jewish Heritage as a whole and will be integrated into the Council of Europe programme.

The programme of the Incubator is directed by the staff and the scientific committee of the AEPJ, which will be responsible for certification, evaluation and assistance for all those who wish to be part of the European Route of Jewish Heritage.

Click here to read full details on the project and how to apply

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