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New tourism resource — Visit Jewish Italy web site

Visiting Italy?

Italy’s Foundation for Jewish Culture has just launched a new online portal designed to help tourists and other visitors explore the country’s rich Jewish heritage, from ancient Roman times to the present, from the top of the Italian boot to the tip of its toe.

Called Visit Jewish Italy — located at — the web site allows users to search by town,  using a drop down menu or by clicking a photo link, and it also allows searches by category: Synagogues, Cemeteries, Jewish neighborhoods, and Museums and Memorials. Users can also use the search menu to find Kosher restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Textual information and contacts are supplemented by many colorful photographs and interactive maps.

There are English language and Italian language versions of the site.

Sites that can be explored range from ancient Roman era catacombs to medieval Jewish quarters to lavish Renaissance synagogues to Jewish cemeteries dating back to the middle ages — and much more.

Click to access the Visit Jewish Italy portal

Here are a few photos that highlight some of these sites.

Ceiling, Verona, Italy, Synagogue
Synagogue in Mondovi, Italy
Ceiling, synagogue in Saluzzo, Italy
Synagogue in Gorizia, Italy
Olives amid olive branches in the Jewish cemetery, Mondovi, Italy


The synagogue in Cuneo, Italy
Exterior, synagogue in Alessandria, Italy
Synagogue in Alessandria, Italy
Alessandria, Italy
The synagogue in Casale Monferrato, Italy,viewed through the grille of the women’s gallery
Decoration showing menorahs in the villa Torlonia catacombs in Rome. Photo: Foundation for Jewish Cultural Heritage in Italy
Ner Tamid above the Ark in the 16th-century Scola Tedesca, Venice Italy
Venice: Campo del Ghetto Nuovo

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