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For the “Glorious Fourth”

Ceiling of the beautifully restored former synagogue in Rakovnik, CZ

Today is the Fourth of July — Independence Day in the United States.

It’s traditionally celebrated with fireworks displays against starry summer skies.

We thought we’d post of images of synagogue decoration that evoke the heavens (and celebration).


Stained glass window in Great Synagogue, Plzen, CZ


Ceiling of former synagogue in Kasejovice, CZ


Ceiling, beautifully restored synagogue in Breznice, CZ


Stained glass window in beautifully restored synagogue in Subotica, Serbia


Ceiling of synagogue in Cuneo, Italy


inner cupola from the dismantled synagogue of Hornsburg, Germany, whose fittings are displayed in the regional museum in Braunschweig, Germany, where they were brought in the 1920s.


Arad, Romania. Synagogue interior


Dome, restored Zion synagogue in Oradea, Romania


Ceiling, Orthodox synagogue, Trnava, Slovakia


Starry sky and the four animals in the “Tranzit House” synagogue in Cluj, Romania


Ceiling, synagogue in Saluzzo, Italy


Ceiling, Verona, Italy, Synagogue


Ceiling of one of the grand tombs in the Kozma utca Jewish cemetery, Budapest


Presov, Slovakia– ceiling of Orthodox synagogue


Wall painting, Kazinczy st. synagogue, Budapest


Ark in the restored synagogue in Ckyne, CZ

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  1. This is wonderful Ruth — really amazing to see these photos. Thanks so so much for posting
    Would make a terrific book. I believe I saw a Shul many, many years ago in what was East Berlin with a fantastic starry ceiling as well.

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