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Slovakia: Online exhibit on Nová Synagóga in Žilina

A new online exhibition about the history of the important modernist New Synagogue (Nová Synagóga) in Žilina, Slovakia is now viewable — it is the digital version of a permanent exhibition now under preparation that will be installed in the … continue reading →


On the Road in CZ (and PL): Revisiting the historic Jewish cemeteries in Osoblaha and Biała

The centuries-old Jewish cemetery in Osoblaha, a remote little town on the Czech-Polish border, is unique in the Czech Republic because of the strong influence of Polish/Silesian-style gravestone art. It has some 313 surviving gravestones (out of possibly 1200); the … continue reading →


On the road in CZ: in the Loštice synagogue, Respect & Tolerance spearheads education and personalizes memory

It was exciting to visit the synagogue in Loštice, CZ and learn first-hand about the work spearheaded by  the Respect and Tolerance Foundation, a civic organization founded around 15 years ago that documents the history and culture of the pre-war … continue reading →


On the Road in CZ: an off the beaten track memorial in Černovice personalizes Holocaust memory

A signpost in  Černovice, a small town in southern Bohemia, leads to a Jewish cemetery founded in the 17th century, and a memorial to local victims of the Holocaust that strikingly personalizes the loss. Jewish Heritage Europe Coordinator Ruth Ellen … continue reading →


For the “Glorious Fourth”

Today is the Fourth of July — Independence Day in the United States. It’s traditionally celebrated with fireworks displays against starry summer skies. We thought we’d post of images of synagogue decoration that evoke the heavens (and celebration).     … continue reading →