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Wine, herbs, fish, matzo…Passover greetings (and news)

In the Old Jewish cemetery in Venice, Italy

Wishing all our friends and readers a meaningful Passover (with a Seder full of delicious food and lively stories and discussion).

In honor of the four cups of wine we are enjoined to drink at the Seder — and the herbs we dip twice — and the gefilte fish that forms part of many Seder menus — we are featuring a few wine and herb (well, vegetal at any rate) and fish images related to Jewish built heritage. (Plus a couple of matzo-making facilities….)

Meanwhile — enjoy the last few days of our web site in its current form — we plan to go live with our new design and functionality early next week!

Herblike decoration in the newly restored Art Nouveau synagogue in Subotica, Serbia
Old Jewish Cemetery, Venice — fish
A cluster of grapes on the fragment of a gravestone in Lublin, Poland
Fish in the reconstructed ceiling of the Gwozdziec synagogue, in the POLIN museum, Warsaw
The old matzo oven in Pitigliano, Italy
An antique matzo-making machine in the basement of the synagogue complex in Carpentras, France

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  1. A happy Passover! And…many thanks for so many fine documentation, especially the hopefully ones.May I recommend the splendid haggadot collection online by the national Israel library. Really wonderful.

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