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Hungary: Rumbach St. Synagogue Restoration going “full blast”

Scaffolding on facade of Rumbach st. synagogue

The Budapest Jewish community reports that restoration work is going “full blast” on the Moorish-style Rumbach St. Synagogue in Budapest, one of the three great synagogues that anchor the city’s downtown “Jewish triangle.”

The synagogue, dating from 1872 and an early work by the noted Vienna architect Otto Wagner, has long stood in a semi-derelict state following partial reconstruction in the late 1980s/early 1990s that was left unfinished for lack of funds.

Inner dome of the Rumbach street synagogue, Budapest, 2012

The Jewish community reports that the third stage of the complete renovation and modernization of the building is under way and due to be completed in November. The 3.2 billion Forint (€10 million) is fully funded by the state.

Interior of Rumbach st. synagogue, Budapest, 2012

Scaffolding covers the red-and-yellow striped facade.

The interior work amounts to a complete rebuilding and/or replacement of both structural and decorative elements, including the wall paintings and wood-paneled ceiling, and also rebuilding the destroyed ark in its original place, using plaster, glass, and gold; some changes will be made in order to allow the sanctuary to serve as a multifunctional venue for concerts and other events. The floor will be returned to its original decorative paving after the installation of underfloor heating.

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