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Happy 2018!

The year has changed, and 2018 will be bringing changes to Jewish Heritage Europe, too.

We'll be celebrating our 6th birthday in February with a new look -- our web site is being redesigned and rebuilt, with new features including enhanced search functionality. We expect to launch in time for our anniversary.

We'll be posting updates and advisories as the change-over approaches  -- but here's a first look at our new logo.




As you can see, it's based on our current logo....




.....which in turn is based on our favorite carving of a lion -- on a gravestone in the Jewish cemetery in Botosani, Romania.



Thanks to all our readers for your support and interest!

We ran more than 200 news and op-ed items in 2017 -- and you can CLICK HERE to see the list of our three dozen most shared posts. (Then click on the title to access the post itself).

The range of geography and subject matter was enormous -- demonstrating the diversity and dynamism of what's going on today in the Jewish heritage field.

We look forward to more in the coming year!







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  1. All the best ,owe JHE a lot,especially the historical updating.
    And last but not least a photo gallery beyond praise!!

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