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Dome of the former Jewish hospital in L'viv, now the maternity hospital


The Center for Urban History in Lviv has posted an interactive online walking tour of Jewish Lviv that uses maps, photographs and archival material, video, and text to tell the story of places and people, and also to prompt discussion on how to preserve and educate about the city's Jewish history and cultural heritage.

Called Past, Present and Memory: rediscovering Jewish Lviv, it is one of three tours that were developed by students during the workshop "Lemberg/Lwów/לעמבערג/Львів: literary and artistic paths of a multicultural city" held as part of the summer school "Jewish History, common history and heritage, culture, cities, environment" organized by the Center from July 11 to August 5, 2016.

We would like to discuss the ways Jewish history of Lviv is commemorated today. We are not responsible for the past, but for the memory of the past. Today this responsibility is necessary for the contemporary Ukrainian society.

Presented as a virtual walk, the tour begins at the sculptural monument to the World War II Jewish Ghetto and describes the destruction of Jewish Lviv during the Holocaust.

It goes on to use specific sites, buildings, memorials, streets, and neighborhoods as settings for historical and biographical discussions of pre-WW2 individuals associated with Lviv, such as the historian and educator Majer Bałaban, who died in the WW2 Warsaw Ghetto, the writers Sholom Aleichem and Deborah (Dvoyra) Vogel, and a Holocaust survivor identified as Barbara G.

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