New Have Your Say: Delving into Layers of History at London’s Sandys Row Synagogue

  Sandys Row Synagogue, London’s oldest still functioning Ashkenazi Synagogue, was established in the 19th century by Dutch Jews from Amsterdam in a building that was originally constructed as a Protestant chapel in 1766. In our latest Have Your Say … Continue reading

A Jewish Heritage tourism hub in NE Hungary serves religious pilgrims and mainstream tourists alike

  Northeastern Hungary’s Tokaj wine region is famous for its sweet nectar described as “the king of wines and the wine of kings.” But it is also known for the tombs of several Hasidic “wonder rabbis” whose burial places have … Continue reading

Hungary: watch the synagogue in Olaszliszka die; see the new memorial on its site

  The fate of the synagogue in the village of Olaszliszka in the Tokaj wine region of northeast Hungary long symbolized the fate of post-Holocaust Jewish heritage and Jewish memory.  Built in the mid-19th century and located in the middle … Continue reading