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FODŻ publishes new downloadable book on its restoration work in Poland

Synagogue in Przysucha, under restoration. Photo © FODZ


The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland  (FODŻ) has published a second volume of  “Preserving Jewish Heritage in Poland” highlighting its work in preserving and protecting Jewish heritage in Poland. It can be fully downloaded in PDF form.

FODŻ states that the new volume, richly illustrated with photographs and published thanks to the financial support of the Polish Foreign Ministry, “presents the most important and most spectacular activities for preserving monuments of Jewish culture that took place in Poland over the period 2002-2017.”

Fresco inside Krasnik Great Synagogue, under renovation. Photo: FODZ

Among them are projects including the revitalization of the synagogue in Zamosc, the ongoing renovation of the synagogues in Przysucha and Krasnik, and the restoration, fencing and creation of Holocaust memorials in several Jewish cemeteries. 

The first volume of “Preserving Jewish Heritage in Poland” was published in 2012 to mark the 10th anniversary of FODŻ and can also be downloaded.


Click here to download the pdf of Volume 2

Click here to download the pdf of Volume 1









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