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European Days of Jewish Culture — it all kicks off on Sunday

Sunday, September 3, marks the 18th annual European Day of Jewish Culture — entailing hundreds of events and “open doors” visits to synagogues and other Jewish sites in three dozen countries around Europe.

In some countries, the “Day” stretches into several days, and in some places it takes place on another date — in Italy, for example the main EDJC events will take place on Sunday, September 10. In Bulgaria, main events take place on September 17.

In some countries there are only  one or two  events scheduled, but in others events take place all over: in Italy, for example, there are EDJC events in more than 70 localities.

Each year a special theme is chosen to link events. This year — the 18th edition of the “Day” —  it is “Diasporas.” The National Library of Israel prepared exhibition material panels that all participating counties may use.

Events include concerts, guided tours, food and wine tastings, book fairs, exhibits, performances, lectures, workshops, and more.

The list is far to long to note here. You can find full programs for many if not most of the countries by CLICKING HERE.



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