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World Elephant Day…. in Jewish images

An elephant with a tower on its back on the replica of the painted ceiling of the Gwozdziec synagogue, at the POLIN museum in Warsaw


Saturday August 12 was World Elephant Day, following close after World Lion Day….With lions figuring so prominently in Jewish symbolism, we posted a large photo gallery of images of Lions in Jewish synagogue and funerary art.

Elephants don’t play such a big role… but we managed to find a couple of examples — from replicas in museums of the painted ceilings of destroyed wooden synagogues in Gwozdziec and Chodorow. They are both elephants with towers on their backs, said to represent the wisdom of the Torah — or “might which has known submission and forbearance.”


Elephant with tower depicted in the replica of the painted ceiling of the Chodorow synagogue, in the Beit Hatfutsot museum, Tel Aviv


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(And we should mention that a few years ago archaeologists excavating the ancient synagogue at Huqoq in Israel uncovered a mosaic that featured elephants in a battle scene.)

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  1. Reading an highly interesting article about the “Central Timna Valley Projects”[University of Tel Aviv] in the
    “Frankfurter Allgemeine “[09 August 2017]:
    “Das bunte Volk aus dem Timna-Tal,In Palästina florierte bereits vor 3000 Jahren das Färben von
    Wolle .Das bezeugende Funde einer Kupferschmelze aus der frühen Eisenzeit im südlichsten
    Zipfel von Israel.” [ by Diemut Klärner ].

  2. archeological work or,
    history by images in a nonlinear way…
    fine articles about archeological field work in הארץ!

    your photo gallery ja “einmalig “.

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