Latvia: new Holocaust memorial sites database & interactive map

latvia-mapA recently launched online database and interactive map locates Holocaust memorial sites in Latvia. The database, Holocaust Memorial Places in Latvia,  was elaborated “within the framework of a project of the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia, … Continue reading

Greece: See photos of destruction of Thessaloniki Jewish cemetery

Old postcard of the Jewish cemetery in Salonika, before destruction  We posted recently about the rediscovery of fragments of Jewish gravestones in Thessaloniki, Greece — historic Salonika — whose vast Jewish cemetery was destroyed before, during, and after World War II, and whose headstones were used for construction. Fifty thousand … Continue reading

Summertime: cemetery clean-up notes (lots going on)

Student volunteers clean cemetery in Visegrad, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Photo: courtesy Jasna Ciric   Jewish cemeteries rarely make the news except if there is an act of vandalism. But for every act of vandalism that gets reported, there are many more cases of Jewish cemeteries being cleaned up — by volunteer or other … Continue reading

Poland: Get involved with scientific survey of mass grave sites

  There are still a couple days to sign up to take part in the next stage of the  “Holocaust Killing Sites” project that uses ground-penetrating radar and other non-invasive technologies to map Holocaust mass grave sites. The project,  Recording … Continue reading

Lithuania: 2nd season of archaeology at site of Vilnius Great Synagogue and Shulhoyf gets under way

Archival photo of the Great Synagogue, Vilnius around 1934The second season of archaeological excavations is under way at the site of the destroyed Great Synagogue in Vilnius and the surrounding Shulhoyf complex of Jewish buildings. A team of Israeli, Lithuanian and American volunteers began work on July 10 … Continue reading

Ukraine: volunteer clean-up — for a Synagogue (as well as Cemetery)

Former synagogue, Stary Sambir  Summer is the season for volunteer clear up initiatives — and many are going on, in several countries. Almost all deal specifically with Jewish cemeteries, but in Ukraine, one will focus on a former synagogue building as well as … Continue reading