Lithuania: Restored wooden synagogue in Pakruojis reopens (see video)

Photo: Pakruojis municipality web site  The historic wooden synagogue in Pakruojis, Lithuania has been reopened after a major restoration project that used old photos to recreate the whimsical polychrome images on its walls and vaulted ceiling. The building will  house a children’s literature section … Continue reading

Italy: Watch restoration of windows in Venice synagogues

Tourists in the Scuola Spagnola, Venice  Windows in three historic synagogues in Venice  — the Scuola Canton, Scuola Tedesca and Scuola Spagnola — have been restored thanks to the World Monuments Fund and partners, with grants from the David Berg Foundation and other donors. All … Continue reading

Lithuania: Maceva Project’s 2016 annual report on cemetery documentation

Svencionys-wm1  In its just-published report on its activities in 2016, the  Litvak Cemetery Catalogue – (MACEVA)  lists work carried out to document, digitize, or clean-up a number of Jewish cemeteries around Lithuania. These included: Švenčionys (Svintsyán). Among other actions, 11 … Continue reading