Italy: Jewish museums plan strategy, coordination


In the Jewish Museum in Venice


Italy has a network of more than a dozen Jewish museums, and the directors or administrators of eight of them met this week to discuss strategies for development,  cooperation, and coordination — in part so that they can present unified positions at the annual conference of the Association of European Jewish Museums in November.

The meeting included representatives of the Jewish museums in Bologna, Casale Monferrato, Florence, Livorno, Rome, Siena, and Venice. It took place in Ferrara, where a National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah is under construction.

Among the points of discussion, according to the Jewish information portal, was the need to “share programs and technical questions,” such as:

Why not set up a single network of Jewish itineraries based on museums? Or a national guiding service dedicated to Jewish culture? And why not compete jointly on applications for funding for common projects?


The commitment to constantly update each other on museum activities was also highlighted, as was the importance of loans between museums, so that objects not ordinarily displayed can be shown.


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