Slovakia: Restoration of Bardejov Old Synagogue is complete!

Montage of photos documenting the restoration, screen grab from the project web site  The years-long restoration of the Old Synagogue in Bardejov, Slovakia has been completed, bringing back to life the imposing synagogue that anchors the compound of ritual buildings known as the Jewish Suburbium, one of the few Jewish heritage sites … Continue reading

Ukraine: new ESJF survey/monitoring of Jewish cemeteries to begin

Jewish cemetery in Sataniv (2006)  The European Jewish Cemetery Initiative (ESJF) reports that it is about to begin a “vast system of surveys and monitoring” of Jewish burial sites in Ukraine. The survey, it says in a Facebook post, will entail an estimated 1,500-2,000 … Continue reading

Czech Republic: Cultural heritage preservation & Prague Jewish Museum

A Communist-era postcard of the Klausen synagogue in Prague, part of the then-State-run Jewish Museum  An article by Misha Sidenberg, visual arts curator at the Jewish Museum in Prague, details what she calls “an unparalleled example of Jewish defiance against Nazi genocide and cultural plunder” — the rescue and preservation of Jewish cultural and … Continue reading

New Have Your Say op-ed — Touring the Invisible: the Public Recovery of England’s Jewish History

One of the main challenges facing the public representation of medieval Jewish history in England is the lack of tangible evidence. In our new Have Your Say op-ed, Toni Griffiths, a PhD student at Winchester University, provides insight into recent … Continue reading

Hungary & Poland: Easier to donate from USA

Ceiling of one of the grand tombs in the Kozma utca Jewish cemetery, Budapest  People in the United States now have incentives to donate for selected Jewish heritage restoration projects in Poland and Hungary — through two new fund-raising non-profits registered as 501 (c) (3) public charities qualified to receive tax deductible gifts … Continue reading

Ukraine travelogue: Road trip notes to Jewish heritage sites

Jewish cemetery in Sataniv (2006)JHE friends Christian Herrmann, Marla Raucher and Jay Osborn, and others have been on a group road trip visiting sites of Jewish heritage in western Ukraine. On his blog Vanished World, Christian has posted striking photographs and brief descriptions of … Continue reading