Jewish cemeteries: art, words, and memory


In our new Jewish Cemeteries section of this web site, we have a page highlighting the way artists, poets, authors and others in the arts have been inspired by Jewish cemeteries.

Adding to this list is this video interview carried out by the National Yiddish Book Center with the art historian Esti Dunow, daughter of Yiddish writer Moshe Dluznowsky and an expert on Chaim Soutine, — called “Sleeping Beauty’s Primeval Forest”: Painting The Hidden Remnants of Tomaszow’s Jewish Community.

In it, she describes her visit to Tomaszow, her father’s hometown in Poland, and the remnants of the town’s destroyed Jewish community, left only through an unkempt cemetery, which pair with her painting series of the gravestones.




Related to this, the American poet Jed Myers wrote a poem this month in the wake of the desecration of the Mt. Carmel Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is called “Jewish Cemetery Night”.

Click here to read the poem and to listen to a reading of it







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