Ukraine: restoration work to begin on Ceremonial Hall at Chernivtsi cemetery

Ceremonial Hall, Jewish cemetery, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber    The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative reports that it will begin work in early May on a special project, funded by Germany, to renovate the roof of the pre-burial house (Bet Tahara) at the Jewish Cemetery of Chernivtsi (Chernowitz) … Continue reading

Hungary: Government allocates funds to repair fire-damaged synagogue

Screengrab of Zugló synagogue, showing how it looked before the fire, from zsinagogak.huThe Hungarian government has allocated 142 million Forints (€460,000) toward the repair of a small synagogue in Budapest that was gutted by an electrical fire in October 2016. The announcement was made by Miklós Soltész Stat Secretary for religious, ethnic … Continue reading

Czech Republic: funds sought to restore Plzeň Great Synagogue

Great synagogue, Plzen, Czech Republic, 2015The Jewish Community in Plzeň (Pilsen) in the Czech Republic has applied for a 4.5-million-euro  grant from the EU to restore the city’s twin-towered Great Synagogue and Rabbinical house. The planned reconstruction will mainly involve the interior of the Synagogue, … Continue reading

Ukraine notes: more matzevah fragments recovered; drone footage of Ostroh synagogue

Screen grab of photo by Ilya Miretsky of the recovered fragments of matzevot from Kovel, UkraineNews comes from Kovel, western Ukraine, of another instance of the discovery of numerous fragments of Jewish gravestones that were used for construction work in Ukraine in the Soviet period. The news site reports that the fragments were discovered … Continue reading

Center for Jewish Art: recent activities; new book due out on Ukrainian synagogues

volhynia-bookWe are eagerly awaiting the publication, scheduled for April, of Synagogues in Ukraine: Volhynia, a new book by Drs. Sergey R. Kravtsov and Vladimir Levin of the Center for Jewish Art at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The announcement of the … Continue reading

Italy: Rome’s long-lost medieval Jewish cemetery discovered

Screen grab from Il Messaggero showing the rows of graves  Italian archaeologists have discovered 38 graves, with skeletal remains intact, from the cemetery used by Rome’s Jewish community from medieval times to the 17th century. The discovery of the so-called Campus Iudeorum was announced during a news conference held … Continue reading

New Have Your Say essay: Migratory Patterns and the Birds of Probizhna

Ruined synagogue in Probizhna, Ukraine. Photo © Eliyana Adler  Taking a detour from an academic conference, Penn State University scholar Eliyana Adler a  made a roots trip to visit the obscure village in western Ukraine from which, a century ago, her grandmother had emigrated — twice. In our … Continue reading