Romania: new travel/tour opportunity

Ceiling of the synagogue in Sighet, Romania  A foundation in Romania has launched guided tours to Jewish heritage sites in the Maramures region of northern Transylvania in northwest Romania — including the towns of Sighet, Satu Mare, Simleu Silvaniei, and Baia Mare. The region — known … Continue reading

Will (or can) the great synagogue in Raşcov be conserved?

The ruin of the great synagogue in Rascov. Photo: Center for Jewish Art  The Great Synagogue of Raşcov (Rashcov), dating from the mid-18th century, is one of the most picturesque and impressive synagogue ruins in eastern Europe. Situated on the left bank of the Dniester River, the town of Raşcov is currently part … Continue reading

CZ: Take a virtual tour of Třebíč

Trebic   Take a virtual tour of Třebíč, a small town in the Czech Republic not far from Brno that has one of the largest and most intact old Jewish quarters in central Europe. The Quarter includes two synagogues, the Jewish … Continue reading

Featuring Diarna — Saving Jewish history in the Middle East

      Diarna — the digital heritage mapping projecting — is racing against time to document endangered Jewish heritage sites in north Africa and the war-torn Middle East. Newsweek magazine features a lengthy article on its work. Newsweek reports … Continue reading

February Jewish Heritage Europe Newsletter is out

prague-old-jewish-cemetery-wm-5The February Jewish Heritage Europe newsletter is out — announcing major new Jewish cemeteries initiatives, marking our 5th birthday, and publishing news and views (including pix) from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, and more. Please subscribe to get it delivered … Continue reading

JHE’s Coordinator reflects on five years online: looking back, looking forward

Ruth Ellen Gruber in front of the ruined Great Synagogue in Kalvarija, Lithuania - the town where her great-grandparents were from. Photo: Samuel D. Gruber    This month marks five years since JHE went live online.  In a lengthy interview with Liam Hoare on the website eJewishPhilanthropy, JHE Coordinator Ruth Ellen Gruber reflects on developments in Jewish heritage work — looking back and looking … Continue reading

New “Have Your Say” essay – Epitaphs: poignant connections to a world now gone

Dr. Heidi M. Szpek works on a gravestone in the Bagnówka cemetery    In our new Have Your Say personal essay, Dr. Heidi M. Szpek writes beautifully about how she was drawn to reading and translating the epitaphs on the gravestones in the Bagnówka Jewish cemetery in Białystok, Poland and thus … Continue reading

Ukraine: Signals of cooperation in Jewish Heritage work

Synagogue, Stari Sambir, UkraineA roundtable meeting in L’viv of activists, Jewish representatives, NGOs, and local government officials appears to signal new cooperation and possible new, collaborative strategies on Jewish cultural heritage preservation and research in parts of western Ukraine. JHE friend Marla Raucher … Continue reading

Lithuania: Plans for state-of-art Jewish Museum at Šeduva announced

Preliminary design concept for the Lost Shtetl Museum    Plans have been announced for a state-of-the-art Jewish museum slated to open in 2019 as part of the “Lost Shtetl” memorial complex at Šeduva, Lithuania. The museum complex will be designed by the Finnish company “Lahdelma & Mahlamäki … Continue reading