Article: Who is responsible for preserving Jewish cemeteries?

Ceremonial Hall, Jewish cemetery, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Photo © Ruth Ellen GruberAs readers know, a main focus of articles on this News Feed and indeed throughout the JHE web site is the status and fate of Jewish cemeteries across Europe. The Lo-Tishkach database includes more than 11,000 Jewish cemeteries and mass … Continue reading

Poland: New online exhibit on history of Jewish Oswiecim (Auschwitz)

Jewish cemetery, Oswiecim, Poland.  The  Nazis built the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp outside the town of Oswiecim, a small town on the border between Galicia and Silesia that on the eve of World War II had a majority Jewish population. To mark today’s International … Continue reading

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Photo Essay of Memorials

Auschwitz-Birkenau. Photo © Ruth Ellen GruberJanuary 27, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945,  is marked in many countries as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is an occasion for commemorative ceremonies, educational programs, and other initiatives. Monuments and memorials are also dedicated or form centerpieces … Continue reading

Vilnius: the Challenge of the Old Jewish Cemetery

Vilnius: Now-derelict sports hall built in Soviet era atop Old Jewish CemeteryThe long-simmering debate on what to do with the Old Šnipiškės Jewish Cemetery in Vilnius bubbled to the surface again this past month. An online petition in December led to a series of articles against a multi-million dollar state project … Continue reading

New Resource on Jewish Gravestone History & Meaning

  We would like to point out a new online resource on the iconography of Jewish gravestones. It is the “Written in Stone” page of the Rohatyn Jewish Heritage web site. The page summarizes material from a number of online … Continue reading

Video: WW2 Demolition of Synagogue in Holešov, CZ

Archival photos of the Holesov New Synagogue and its destruction. From the Holesov Museum.  Holešov, in the northern Moravia region of the Czech Republic, is known for the renaissance Shach synagogue (or Old Synagogue) — built the 16th century and now a Museum of Moravian Jewry. Before WW2, another, modern, synagogue stood in … Continue reading

Ostrava, CZ: Rescued Torah leads to virtual community (follow up to Rabbi Goldstein’s Have Your Say essay)

Archival photo of one of the six synagogues destroyed in Ostrava, CzIn our latest “Have Your Say” essay Rabbi Andrew Goldstein discusses how the fact that his London synagogue uses a Torah scroll from the Czech town of Kolín led to close links with the town, whose Jewish community was destroyed … Continue reading