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New Jewish heritage travel app — Białystok

Bialystok Poland app


The latest in the growing list of mobile apps for Jewish heritage travel is the Jewish Heritage Trail app for Białystok, Poland.

The app — which can be downloaded from both ITunes and Google Play — was  developed by the Museum of Podlasie in Białystok, in cooperation with the Foundation of the University of Białystok and with financial support from the Białystok mayor’s office.

It is based on the Jewish Heritage Trail, developed in 2008 by the University, and uses photos and text (English and Polish) to encompass synagogues, cemeteries, schools and other site. There is also a map that can be access offline as well as online.

In other Białystok news, Virtual Shtetl reports that 12 plaques with translated epitaphs have been installed at the Bagnowka Jewish cemetery, where extensive renovation work went on this summer, including the re-erection of many stones.

“We placed the plaques at the graves of people with interesting history, near Rabbi Chaim Halpern’s ohel and the monument to the 1906 pogrom victims,” says Lucy Lisowska of the Poland-Israel Citizenship Education Centre.


We wrote about the initiative to place signage and translation when it began two years ago.


Download the app from ITunes

Download the app from Google Play

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4 comments on “New Jewish heritage travel app — Białystok

  1. What a lovely idea! Do you have a list of the “growing list of mobile apps for Jewish heritage travel?” I would love to see something from Hungary or Slovakia. Thanks.

    • To see more, please search our web site for travel apps or mobile apps or click on the category in the news feed sidebar

  2. does this cover the lomza province and shtetl areas. my parents came from there and i find it difficult to get info from that place. i believe that bialystok is not to far from lomza. am i correcft?

    • The app is free so I suggest you download it to see what’s included on it. As our post says, it is based on the Bialystok Jewish Heritage Trail — and I provided a link to that, so you can see what that includes.

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