New “Have Your Say” op-ed! Jewish spaces, German obligation, World Heritage?

Rebuilt menShUM is an acronym of the first letters of the medieval Hebrew names of three cities in Germany: Shin (Sh) = Shpira = Speyer; Vav (represented as U) = Warmaisa = Worms; and Mem (M) = Magenza = Mainz. In … Continue reading

Lithuania: Šeduva Jewish cemetery by drone

General view, restored Jewish cemetery     Drone videography is becoming widespread…..seeing Jewish cemeteries from above provides a new perspective and puts them into the context of their surroundings. We have already linked to a drone video of the Jewish cemetery in Bialystok, Poland. Here’s … Continue reading

Jewish Gravestones: Reflecting on Portraits

Portrait on a gravestone in the Jewish cemetery of Brno, Czech Republic  Starting in the latter part of the 19th century, Jewish gravestones in parts of Europe often included laminated photographs (or even sometimes sculpted portraits) of the deceased.  Some of the photos are haunting (such as the one pictured above.) … Continue reading

Lithuania: Report on 2015 activities of MACEVA Jewish cemetery organization

At the Jewish cemetery in Svencionys, LithuaniaMACEVA, the Lithuanian Jewish cemetery catalogue, has published a report providing an overview of its activities in 2015 — including documentation of cemeteries,  digitization of photographs of headstones, cemetery clean-up workshops and other activities. Highlights include: — an international two-week … Continue reading

Lithuania news: grants for synagogue (& other) restorations; progress at Pakruojis

Kalvarija-school-wm1The Heritage department of Lithuania’s Ministry of Culture has allocated funding grants for several synagogues and Jewish or Jewish-related heritage sites around the country. According to a document published by the Heritage department, these include: — The synagogue of Alytus … Continue reading