Turkey: Istanbul’s Jewish Museum revamps & changes venue

Istanbul-Museum2Istanbul’s Quincentennial Foundation Jewish Museum Of Turkey has revamped its permanent exhibition — and changed venues, moving from the Zulfaris synagogue, where it has been located since its inauguration in 2001, to the Neve Shalom synagogue. The Zufaris synagogue (built in … Continue reading

Poland: town takes steps to protect Jewish cemetery

Grodzisk Mazowiecki - kirkut 02The town of Grodzisk Mazowiecki in central Poland has taken steps to preserve its Jewish cemetery from property development and has ordered clean-up of the site to begin. Mayor  Grzegorz Benedykciński was quoted by the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper as saying there … Continue reading

Poland: the preserved Mikveh in Chmielnik

Screen grab from Gazeta of photo gallery of pix of the mikvah in ChmielnikNote: This is an updated and revised version of a post made earlier, including further information and background about the mikvah, from Virtual Shtetl.   A well-preserved mikvah in the small town of Chmielnik in south-central Poland remains largely intact in … Continue reading

Romania: Crowd-funding campaign for Jewish cemetery in Alba Iulia

Alba-Iulia-2006-REG-wm1 copyFinding funding for Jewish heritage projects is sometimes the most difficult part of a project. We have already highlighted some new crowd-funding campaigns for projects in Poland and Ukraine. Here’s another one — a new Indiegogo campaign just launched to … Continue reading