Lithuania — updated pictures, Pakruojis

Wooden synagogue in Pakruojis with sign for restoration grant (already seemingly outdated...)  We posted recently on the EEA grant awarded toward the restoration of the long-derelict wooden synagogue in Pakruojis, Lithuania, which is to be rehabilitated and turned into a library. Jewish Heritage Europe coordinator Ruth Ellen Gruber and several other … Continue reading

Current & upcoming photo exhibitions on Jewish heritage sites

Radauti, Romania. WomenIt seems that a growing number of photographers are focusing on Jewish heritage sites and exhibiting their photographs in museums and galleries. Jewish heritage sites have long been an inspiration to artists and photographers — and a number of photographic … Continue reading

Jewish cemetery round-up: in 3 countries, 2 rededicated and 2 vandalized

New fence and gate at Jewish cemetery in Jozefov Bilgorajski. Photo courtesy of FODZIn the news this month have been the rededication of two Jewish cemeteries Poland after restoration — but also the desecration of two Jewish cemeteries, on in the Czech Republic and one in Austria. The restored Jewish cemeteries in Józefów Biłgorajski … Continue reading

Latvia: Restoration of wooden “Green Synagogue” in Rezekne progresses

Green Synagogue in Rezekne, 2009, before restoration began. Photo: Aadne Sollid    The long-delayed restoration of the wooden “Green Synagogue” in Rezekne, Latvia — built around 1845 and one of the few wooden synagogues still standing in Europe — is progressing, with the target date for completion of the project … Continue reading