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Glass mosaic dome of Uzhgorod synagogue to be restored


Uzhgorod synagogue, Photo:
Uzhgorod synagogue, Photo:


Plans have been announced to restore the glass mosaic dome of the former synagogue in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

Built in the first decade of the 20th century and designed by Hungarian architects Gyula Papp and Ferenc Szabolcs, the elegant Moorish-style building with a distinctive central horseshoe arch dominating its facade serves now as the Transcarpathian Philharmonic Hall. The adaptive reuse in the 1970s (with some restoration in the 1990s) radically changed the interior but maintained some of the ornate interior and exterior ornamentation and design;  the glass inner dome was covered with a tin roof.




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  1. To Eva Helene Schwartz: I am a Halpert and my great-grandfather was Meir Halpert, the Gabbai of this beautiful Shul. His father Avrohom Dovid has a matzeivah (gravestone) in the Ungvar cemetery. R’ Meir Halpert, his wife Liba (nee Glantz) and much of his family were murdered in Auschwitz.

  2. My Father and Uncle are from Ungvar/Uzhgorod – Tibi and Yossi Salomonovics, born 1928 and 1926 respectively. Both survived Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Buna. Did anyone’s relatives posting on this site have stories about attending the gymnasium (school) across from train station facing the river? Please send email.

  3. My father was born in Ungvar in 1910. Family name: Farkowitz.
    Gedalia and Rose were his parents’ name. Please contact me with
    any information. Thank you.

  4. My father’s family were from Ungvár. I have never been to Uzhorod but I wonder if anyone have heard of the Schwartz/Fekete/Cserny/Halpert family name there?
    My father’s name was Moritz Schwartz (1906-1976).

    Eva Helene Schwartz, Norway

    • My Grandfather was from Ungvar/Uzhorod – his name was Jakub Schwartz [sometimes spelled Schwarz]. He was born in 1903. I think he had a brother named Josef.
      I would love to know if we are related!

    • Hello Mrs. Schwartz,

      I just read your note from August 2 2016.

      I really don’t know if we are relatives somehow, but my grandmother was also born (in 1892) and lived all her life in Uzhhorod. Her name was Roza Schwarts and she was married to Samuel. Her father’s bame was Jacob. She died in Auschwitz in 1944.


      Amnon Friedman, Israel

  5. Hello,
    I have been visiting Sub Carpathia and its capital town Ungvar twice in the last few years. There are indeed elderly jews living in that city and taken care of, by the local Chabad branch.
    The synagogue in the picture, is located on the main square, byt the river, a very unusual place (very central) for a synagoque.
    Today it seems to function as a symphony hall. The top of the roof is festooned with a…. lyra.
    There are some synagogues in the villages, one I have visited and where my mother used togo as a child before the shoah is now a flour mill. When entering the place, you can see the machinery, in lieu of the worshippers but when looking at the ceiling, there is still an astounishing painting of the dark blue sky with golden stars.
    The area is very sadly of any Jews in the villages. As a testimony of their presence in large numbers, you can see numerous Jewish grave yards, often in a very good shape.
    The one in the village of my father has been surrounded by a wall, in order to protect it from degradation, as I have been told, paid for by a local …. non-Jewish gentleman.

  6. I am researching Ignatz Fisxh and Rosalie Reisman from Ungvar. I am very interested in learning more about the family. Ignatz Fisch was listed on the Hungarian business census for 1828.
    Please contact me with any information
    Thank you

  7. My paternal grandfather came from Ordarma which is now Storozhnitsa and is a small town next to Uzhgorod which used to be Ungvar when this area was part of Hungary. I wonder if they worshipped in this synagogue or if there was one in their village.

  8. These are the stunning pictures of a Golden Jewish Past. I wonder if any jewish people living in Uzghorod and/or nearby villages today? Where is there Synagogue?

    I am researching my Biderman ancestors

    Please if you have any info E-mail me ;

    Thank you

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