Maceva Litvak cemetery catalogue annual report on 2014 activities

Well maintained Jewish cemetery in Valbaninka, Lithuania. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber    The Maceva Litvak Cemetery Catalogue has published its 2014 annual report, noting its activities over that year in digitizing Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania, photographing individual stones,  and carrying out clean-up and other operations. It also outlines plans for … Continue reading

Folk Art on Jewish gravestones, fascinating article by Heidi Szpek

Lion on a graveston in BialystokThe carved decoration on Jewish gravestones in Eastern Europe (and elsewhere) is often highly elaborate, combining religious iconography with folk art. Dr. Heidi M. Szpek, Professor Emerita, Central Washington University, has written extensively about the Bagnowka Jewish cemetery in Bialystok, Poland — … Continue reading

Sergey Kravtsov on the Value & Preservation of Jewish Built Heritage

Restored synagogue in Zamosc, Poland  Sergey Kravtsov, Senior Research Associate at the Center for Jewish Art in Jerusalem, has written a thoughtful op-ed on the value and preservation of Jewish religious heritage in Europe, published on the excellent “Future of Religious Heritage” web site.  Born … Continue reading