Training sessions for crossborder Jewish tourism guides in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine

baner2 - mini  The Shtetl Routes project, an ambitious,  EU-funded, cross-border Jewish tourism initiative in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, will be holding training sessions for tourist guides to Jewish heritage sites in the area. The sessions, for 30 people each, will be … Continue reading

Chisinau, Moldova hopes to restore tahara house at Jewish cemetery

Screenshot of Facebook gallery of pictures of the cemetery and tahara house  City Hall in Chisinau, Moldova is seeking international funding to restore the ruined tahara, or pre-burial, house at the city’s sprawling monumental Jewish cemetery, the news site Jurnal reported. “We have examples of how other synagogues and cemeteries were restored, and i … Continue reading

Adopt-a-Jewish-Cemetery Update

Szydlowiec-wm2It seems as if the new “Adopt-a-Jewish-Cemetery” initiative launched this month by the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage (FODZ) in Poland has struck a chord. FODZ reports that less than a week since the announcement of the project,  eight Jewish cemeteries in Poland are already on the list … Continue reading